HEIMA ProGUARD® Sheating Panels are composed of a HEIMA Util-A-Crete®, a lightweight, non-structural and impact resistant concrete panel, providing a continuous layer of rigid insulation. This wall system is installed much more quickly than conventional construction methods.

ProGUARD® insulated concrete sheating panels also offer superior thermal protection, meeting the most demanding requirements for continuous insulation. All joints are sealed with acrylic waterproofing and fiberglass mesh, providing an airtight seal.

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Other differential features of the HEIMA ProGUARD® panels

• No additional moisture barriers required.

• Can be cut with carbide tip circular saw.

 Composition does not include fiberglass, which may be harmful to workers.

 They can be exposed to the elements prior to applying finishes.

 Can be finished on the same day of installation.

• High capacity for fixing external coatings.

 Easy and fast installation.