HEIMA Util-A-Crete® Cement Board

Util-A-Crete® is a concrete slab specifically developed to provide a permanent base for a wide variety of applications, whether for internal or external walls and facades. Produced with durable Portland cement, alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh and lightweight aggregates, the HEIMA Util-A-Crete® concrete tile is a high quality base for ceramic tiles and other flooring materials used in walls, ceilings, floors, counters and facades. The HEIMA Util-A- Crete® board is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, asbestos-free and non-combustible.

With a compressive strength of ≥2600 psi (ASTM D 2394) and flexural strength of ≥1500 psi (ASTM C 947), the HEIMA Util-A-Crete® board is proven to be the industry’s strongest support board – ideal for areas such as halls, kitchens, bathrooms and service areas.

Unlike plaster and wood based products, the HEIMA Util-A-Crete® board is not affected by water, moisture or steam and will not deteriorate, deform or rot. On the contrary, its hardness and resistance increase with the passage of time. This makes it suitable for areas constantly exposed to moisture, such as spas, saunas and indoor pools.

ASTM Standard Test Methods demonstrate that the HEIMA Util-A-Crete® board is the industry’s strongest concrete support board.

See some possibilities of use (Residential and / or Commercial) of the Heima Util-A-Crete® Concrete Board

  • Floors
  • Workbenches
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Facades

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