HEIMA ProTEC® is the solution for modern civil construction

The HEIMA ProTEC® System of Insulated Concrete Structural Panels (CSIPs) offers an efficient, durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly product. HEIMA ProTEC® is the solution for modern civil construction, concerned with the environment, cost reduction, energy rationing, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort of users.

By being self-supporting, the HEIMA ProTEC® system eliminates additional structures, thus drastically reducing construction time and wasted materials in construction projects. Once installed, the panels can receive internal and external finishes applicable to masonry or concrete constructions

Panels feature precut grooves for electrical tubing, increasing the efficiency and the quality of the work. As this tubing is completely encapsulated in the panel, there is no air leakage, which, consequently, increases the comfort of the property.

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In the HEIMA ProTEC® construction system, each panel performs structural, sealing and thermal insulation functions, both when used for internal and external walls. Once installed, the panels are ready to receive their final finish. Pre-installed electrical and hydraulic ducts reduce construction time, prevent leaks and provide continuous thermal insulation. This means a superior finish, greater comfort and lower costs.

Due to humidity, mildew is a frequent problem. However, thanks to the HEIMA ProTEC® system, you no longer need to worry. HEIMA ProTEC® only employs components that are not affected by humidity, resulting in a superior barrier against fungus and bacteria.

The HEIMA ProTEC® system was designed to solve the leading problems faced in the construction industry: scarce qualified labor, variations in quality material, air leaks and moisture seepage in buildings. It also promotes better energy efficiency not only during construction, but also from the moment that the property is occupied.

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The panels are docked and connected by galvanized steel profiles and bolts. The high-density EPS is treated with flame retardant. Util-A-Crete concrete slabs, as well as EPS and steel profiles, do not deteriorate with moisture and are resistant to insects and pests. With a density of 32Kg / m3, the ProTEC® panel EPS offers highly efficient rigid insulation that maintains it original characteristics. It resists moisture absorption and vapor transmission, eliminating the need to install expensive additional barriers.

The Util-A-Crete® concrete slab is composed of lightweight concrete, encased in fiberglass. Tests show that Util-A-Crete® resists mildew and moisture for over 25 years. It provides impact resistance on both its outer and inner surfaces. With Util-A-Crete® concrete slabs, the HEIMA ProTEC® panels are ready to receive their final finish. The joints of the inner surfaces are treated with a fiberglass finish and grout. The inner wall can be plastered and then painted. The finishes to the outer walls are unlimited, offering everything from textures, brick, stucco, stones and sidings.

The HEIMA ProTEC® Construction System offers design flexibility and construction ease. A lean assembly team, using simple tools, can install the walls in a fraction of the time needed in a traditional construction. This translates into deadline predictability, compliance with timelines and reduced construction cycles. The HEIMA ProTEC® panels, in their standard version, are each prefabricated with two two-inch ducts. To further facilitate the installation process, the sockets for electrical outlets can be cut at the factory. Works executed with HEIMA ProTEC® Concrete Insulated Structural Panels are efficient, robust, resistant and sustainable.

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