HEIMA’s mission is to manufacture, distribute and disseminate materials and construction methods of a superior quality, with an efficient life cycle, respecting the environment and providing a high level of user satisfaction.

To HEIMA, building excellence translates into sustainable building solutions with high technological standards, rapid and efficient implementation, with the ultimate aim of promoting well-being.

HEIMA stands out in the market for its innovation, quality and efficiency, based on the almost 40 years of experience garnered by TClear, a leading company in the American Concrete Structural Insulated Panels (CSIPs) market. Based on the experience acquired by TClear, HEIMA brings an efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly construction method to Latin America.

Constructions employing this technology are much faster and require a lower structural load. This reflects in the reduction of costs on structures, labor and waste management. In addition, HEIMA products have the Green Building Council seal of approval.

HEIMA Technology Differential Features

• Ecologically correct
• Quick installation
• Approved by the International Building Code
(IBC) & International Residential Code (IRC)
 Impact resistant surface
• Concrete panels on both
sides of the core panel
• Electrical ducts on all panels

Possibility of pre-cut edges
• Approved for use in seismic regions A,
B, & C (EUA)
• High thermal and acoustic insulation
index R-20 and R-30
 Mold resistant ASTM D-3273
• Windproof: withstands winds up
to 150mph


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